Peparing for Prom is a Breeze with MoBi

Senior Prom is upon us. Book your Signature Facial, Lashes, and Make Up experience with MoBi to ensure your are looking like a celebrity on your Prom day.

Prom Makeup

We're booking Prom Beauty for Prom 2023! And the girls must slay. So book ahead of the rush.

April & May Books are open for Prom Bookings Only!

Need assistance, call us at (872)222-9126.

Prom Bundles

MoBi Beauty Brand

MoBi Beauty is a premiere Make up & Skincare studio owned and developed by two sisters, who professionally trained as a Anthropologist and Chemist before commanding the beauty industry. We are a unique company and brand for a few reasons: 1. We offer in-studio services that enhance your everyday beauty, 2. We manufacturer many of our products in-house, and 3. we retail our products all over the globe.