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"La Hefe" Mink Lashwear

She's the prettiest, bossy, and elegant one of them all.  Adorn your eyes in the Jordan of lashes!  


Luxury hand crafted mink eyelashes!  These beauties can be worn more than 20 times and they are so comfortable and quite attractive on the eye.  Can be customized by cutting to size as well.  Be sure to pick up the MoBiLASH case to maintain the quality of your lashes and easily apply On-the-Go!

  • Care Instructions

    Maintain the quality of your lashes by keeping them in a closed container, free of dust and other allergens.  Remove used adhesive by soaking lashes an oil like substance.  This will loosen the adhesive for easy removal and dries fast. We like to store our babies in the all-purpose MoBiLASH case.   Let dry before application of adhesive and application to the eye.


MoBiLASH Fully Loaded


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MoBiNail Lacquer

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