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Lash Control On The Go!

Our starting lineup begins with MoBiLASH, the go to storage case, for faux eyelashes strips.  No more worrying about when out o the town. Say goodbye to needing a makeup artist to apply your lashes!  The MoB iLASH  case has everything you need: adhesive, applicator,  cosmetic mirror, and 3-5 pairs of our premium Mink eyelashes.  Our patented design allows you to store and apply lashes on the go in any setting.  No other beauty product compares to the MoBiLASH case!

Available now.

Loaded Case:

Adhesive (clear or black)


3 pair of Premium Mink Lashes

Fully Loaded Case:

Adhesive (clear or black)


5 pair of Premium Mink Lashes

Premium Mink Lash Collection

Our lashes are 100% hand-crafted of the finest mink hair.  These lashes are made to last through more than 20 wears.  Your makeup isn't complete without MoBi lashes!

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