Preparing for Prom

Prom Beauty & Grooming Bundles

Prom is a joyous time for students and parents to marvel at their young adults and have one last round of fun with all of their friends.  Help them make it a memorable time of their lives by ensuring that prom goes off without a hitch!
MoBi Beauty is here to help make your experience with prom a breeze.  We have decided to offer Prom Beauty Bundles (Girls) and Prom Grooming Bundles (Boys). 

Prom Beauty Bundles (Ladies Only)

  • Junior Queen includes Classic Lash Extension & Natural Glam Makeup

  • Prom Queen includes Volume or Hybrid Lash Extensions, Full Glam Goddess Makeup


Add-Ons Available: 

Brow Wax & Tint, Signature Double Cleansing Facials, Hydro-jelly Facials, Bacials (Back Facials), Brow Shaping (Wax or Razor), Upper Lip Hair Removal, Bottom Lash Extensions


Prom Grooming Bundles (Gentlemen Only)

  • Junior King includes an express Gentle-Fella Facial .
  • Prom King includes a Full Gentle-Fella Facial & Bacial (Back Facial).


Add-Ons Available: 

Brow Shaping, Hair Trimming (nose & ears), Extraction (In-Grown) Removal Session, Hydro-Jelly Facial, Male Makeup applications


Important Booking Details:

For specific pricing please click our booking page here.    These bundles are dedicated to a select group of individuals.  Specifically those going to Junior or Senior Prom.  Please be aware that the services should be complete at least 24-72 hours before your actual prom, for example we recommend lash extensions & facials be scheduled before prom day.

Once you select & pay your deposit for your prom services you will receive a phone from a MoBi Beauty Representative to schedule your services prior to your prom day.  The only services that will be provided on Prom Day are Makeup services. We recommend anyone receiving makeup by MoBi to also book a facial add-on.