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Marquee Luxe Mink Lashes

Marquee Luxe Mink Lashes

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Marquee Luxury Strip Lashes are Statement Lashes. Whatever you mood, these lashes take it up a notch.  Dense and sturdy mink lashes ending with a flirty flair. Reuse these over 30 times without damaging the faux lash or your natural lashes.

Not sure which style you like? Try them all...from professional and understated to Glam'd out to the Max we've got a style for all occasions.  Lash, Store, & Repeat with the MoBi Lash case for ease lash maintenance 


This is a non sticky lipgloss that is apart of our Vegan Queendom come collection. Made in USA. Made by Minority Women.

How to use

Directly after removing your lash strips, open your MoBi Lash case and adhere each lash to a left or right section of the impressions. Use any residue adhesive to help the lash remain in place.

When ready to wear, open the case make sure you now remove the reside adhesive from the day before and gently cleanse if necessary. Using the given adhesive, apply a thin layer of glue to the strip and allow to become tacky.

Next use the tweezer applicators to position the lash in the desired position close to your lash line.


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