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Curious About Permanent Brows??

Microshading and Microblading are semi permanent cosmetic procedures that result in timeless, effortless brows DAILY.  Microshading results in a defined powder-like makeup look.  It is achieved by using a fine needle point and electric tattoo machine.  Microblading is a procedure that results in hair-like strokes for a more natural look. 


The needles of the instruments make fine incisions in the skin where the pigment is deposited. Prior to your session beginning you will have a confidential consultation including pigment skin test, client consent, and brief review of medical history.  It is imperative that you are NOT under the influence of drugs or alcohol during this procedure. 



The process normally requires 2 complete sessions will last for 2 hours initially.The healing time is approximately 2 weeks to 40 days depending on the skin type of the client.  Your perfect brows will typically last for 18-24 months.  In order to maintain your flawless 3D brows expect to maintain retouch appointments with your brow artist.

  Price: $299 (limited time only)

** As a potential brow client of any brow artist you should know that brow artists are required to be licensed in their state of business and Microshading certified.  Please check your local state regulations for semi permanent cosmetic application.

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